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Training for a better, stronger, healthier and peaceful life.

About Us

We believe training in martial arts and personal protection is a personal journey.

Our Approach

Small class size and personal attention make it possible for anyone to learn at their own pace in a non-threatening environment. Whether you want to study a martial art style or simply learn to protect yourself your goals are our goals,.

Our Story

I have been heavily involved in martial arts training and instructing most of my life. I train and teach the lessons and skills which I have learned over more than four decades as a student and instructor of traditional Japanese, other martial arts and personal protection. I am convinced that personal protection is about more than using your fists and that regular martial arts training brings together body, mind and spirit.


We offer a wide range of training

Personal Protection and Safety

Private and Group Instruction
You will learn to spot and avoid trouble at work, home, events, while traveling and more. Basic, intermediate and advanced physical protection skills taught in a friendly environment. No previous martial arts skills required. Adults only.

Karate Training

Learn the art of Shotokan Karate.

Iaido Sword Training

Iaido is an art that teaches the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the katana (Japanese) sword from its scabbard (saya), striking or cutting an opponent and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.

Battodo Sword Training

Learn the art of cutting with a live katana (Japanese sword)


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